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How We Do It

When we undertake a search, our clients can be sure of one thing; no stone will be left unturned until we have found the right candidate for the role.



DVF’s project team will carefully assess the client's needs. Working as a team we will provide a detailed analysis of the type of candidate that would best suit the identified position. Our consultant's knowledge, professionalism and experience will provide invaluable information on the type of candidate.


The project team will mutually agree on time specifications for the search, as well as a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape, identification of target companies and potential candidates will be agreed upon. The team will conduct a methodical investigation of all existing data sources within the target companies to identify applicants for the search, supplementing this with fresh research. DVF will also draw on its global network and resources to leverage and identify suitable candidates for the specific role.


Once the project team has identified prospective candidates, they will be contacted initially by telephone by a Search Consultant to evaluate their suitability. Relevant candidates will be invited for an interview to discuss the role further and determine their suitability – this will be achieved by going through the DVF ‘profiling of excellence’ competency framework.


Face to face interviews will be held with potential candidates to evaluate their skills, experience, knowledge, personality, culture fit, and expectations.

Throughout the process DVF will liaise closely with both client and candidate to provide feedback and to co-ordinate meetings and schedules. We will provide advice on acceptance parameters, compensations and benefits when offers are made. We will also counsel candidates to ensure that a mutually satisfactory acceptance is achieved.


Post placement review and analysis and post placement candidate care. As research is conducted and candidates are interviewed, we will build up a confidential dossier on behalf of the client detailing pay structures and compensation for relevant individuals within the market sector.

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