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Those involved and impacted, either during the change, or as a result of it - the values and behaviours required to enact change; also, the introduction, or modification, of these as a result of the change

We ensure that everything we do is focused on improving your core measures of organisational and people performance such as employee retention and engagement, and DVF supports wider business performance improvement programmes that have process optimisation and data management at their heart.

DVF can help:

  • Meet organisational performance goals: structuring your teams to meet your objectives, clarifying roles and responsibilities for transparency of costs
  • Increase your organisational agility: as the market changes, your teams will be more effective
  • Reduce uncertainty and risk: through better long-term resource planning and management of your change programmes



The actions and steps taken to achieve the end-state of the change; also, any modifications in how work gets done as a result of the change

DVF can help you build a better performing, sustainable and more efficient organisation and support you to get the most out of your existing people, assets and systems.

DVF can help:

  • Measure,  drive and sustain improvement across your business: develop performance measurement systems allowing you to measure and drive improvement across your business
  • Exploit your current operations: improve your processes and operations by using experienced professionals who can help you draw on the best Lean, Six Sigma, BPR, Quality and other improvement tools
  • Understand your position in your market: benchmark your business performance against your competitors



The use of tools and techniques to effect the change; also, the introduction, or modification, of tools required to accomplish work in the target state

DVF understands that technology and data are now the underpinnings of a company’s processes and efficiency. As a company grows, changes, expands product lines, etc. it needs an evaluation of its systems, processes and data. We have deep expertise in the area of technology and data at every level including an unrivalled network of senior technology professionals

DVF can help:

  • Drive and support bottom line value creation by aligning IT initiatives with strategy needs
  • Help IT transform from “a cost centre” to a value creator, a true business partner and advisor and a valuable member of the business community
  • Reduce your time to access and interpret data


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