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We work across a broad range of industries, providing insight and energy to deliver meaningful transformation whilst at the same time embracing local client considerations and culture. Our team has deep sector expertise and has helped businesses to deliver successful change with leading organisations in the following industries:


As the hunt for alternative, sustainable energy sources continues, the UK's energy and utilities sector continues to expand rapidly: planned investment in utilities infrastructure and nuclear alone means the UK's energy and utilities workforce will increase by more than 200,000 people by 2024. Our team have extensive experience of meeting these challenges - having worked with clients on business transformation, benchmarking and operating model engagements with major utilities, nuclear and oil and gas organisations at home and abroad.

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This sector encompasses a wide range of organisations that manage financial assets - from retail banking to insurance, consumer finance to investment banking. Recent upheaval in the sector and the subsequent regulatory impact has exacerbated an already dynamic change agenda. Our team have extensive experience in this sector: we are currently working with clients to embrace bold new strategies and operating models in response to these challenges.

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We support a diverse range of organisations in this sector from healthcare providers, government bodies, pharmaceuticals and private insurers. People are living longer, healthier lives in an increasingly personalised, wellness-conscious society. This prompts a re-thinking of long-established views of patients and diseases, providers and commissioners. In this context, there are huge opportunities for organisations that succeed in establishing the right customer/patient-focused operating model. We are well positioned to assist organisations to successfully implement the resultant transformation and restructuring task that are the result of these challenges.

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We have deep collective experience working with agencies in both Local and Central Government. We have supported the design and implementation of a range of public service initiatives in defence, security, health, transport and education. In light of spending cuts in recent years, all parts of this sector are under pressure to maintain public service levels with fewer resources, thus increasing the need for operational efficiency and professionally-assured programme and business transformation execution.

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Our team has worked with leading UK telecommunications and media organisations to help them transform in response to a highly changeable operating landscape. This is a dynamic sector that is moving with ever increasing speed and market complexity. TMT organisations are pursuing a wide range of business models and value propositions to meet the increased demands of consumers; with deep experience in developing solutions to precisely these challenges, our consultants are well positioned to help. 

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DVF has a strong heritage in the transport sector, supporting the successful delivery of major programmes and capability development initiatives across surface transport, rail and aviation, spanning across both the public and private sectors. With an ageing infrastructure under increasing strain from demographic trends driving exponential usage across all transport modes, we continue to see investment growth and exciting opportunities for radical solutions to tomorrow's integrated transport challenge.

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The tourism and travel industry has been transformed in recent years, with advances in technology being a major catalyst for change.  Mature, established organisations are being challenged every day by niche-market entrants and web-based start-ups; there is an ever-increasing need for business to adopt an omni-channel sales and service approach to meet rapidly changing customer search and booking habits - and deliver differentiated holiday experiences in resort. We are proud to support industry-leading players to formulate and execute the major organisational transformation necessary to respond to these intractable challenges.

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Today's consumers are more savvy and knowledgeable than ever before. An instant ability to compare and share products and services has led to ever-increasing expectations for quality and personalisation.  As a result, organisations need to examine their business models to ensure they are truly founded on consumer insights in order to drive profitable sales growth. We help a number of well-known organisations to deliver innovative programmes that overcome the significant challenges and exploit the astounding opportunities that these changes present.

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