DVF Recruitment Salary Survey 2018

Feb 2019

2018 was an extremely busy year for Change and Technology recruitment and this year is shaping up to continue the development and progression within the insurance industry with Project Management (PM) remaining a key recruitment focus for all insurance firms as digitalisation and regulatory change become ever more prominent.

Market Overview

With Brexit causing hesitations across businesses and programmes, the candidate pool has increased however the very best talent continues to push and determine the market rate. Enhancing service excellence for customers is another top priority for firms. Innovation and Continuous Improvement functions will drive market modernisation by reviewing existing processes, introducing new technology, re-inventing product offering and delivering new strategic change initiatives. Firms are still open to other sectors such as Banking and Consultancies to find expert Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence and Innovation specialists. 
Technology is continuing to evolve. Investing in new technologies, embedding them into firms and continually innovating to enhance the customer experience is key. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management will all play a huge part in shaping the future of insurance. Insurance firms will be able to have command over their unstructured data and this will enable them to develop a meaningful understanding of their risks, and potential future earnings. Recruiting in specialist areas around robotics and data, outside of industry is more accepted than ever before. Bringing in strong change talent with the right skills from other industries has worked really well to create more diverse teams. 

Moving forward into 2019

Recruitment of strategic hires within Project, Change and Technology as well as significant growth within Insurance Project Management, Innovation and Continuous Improvement teams will be the key focus for firms in 2019. Over the past four years, many insurance firms have come to acknowledge the importance of building internal transformation teams and how strategic initiatives can assist in delivering better customer value and results. Some of the key programmes that will dominate the change agenda for 2019 are; 
Technology Transformation (Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Robotics, Automation and Machine Learning)
Improving internal processes (HR, Finance, IT, Operations and  Marketing/BD) 
Insurance Project Management
Driving behavioural and cultural change (do you have the right skills internally to deliver change successfully?)
Innovation (driving Service Excellence, Product Development and Client Engagement) Continuous improvement/ Operational effectiveness (Lean/Six Sigma)
Regulatory Change
Information and Cyber Security (both internal and external)
Strategy lead initiatives (i.e. TOM System Implementation, Document Management, Practice Management and Case Management systems). 
Successful management of financials, (budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting).
DVF is a Project, Change and Technology recruitment specialists, partner with Clients to help them define, shape, deliver and embed successful change by providing them with the very best business and IT change talent.

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